Friday, June 30, 2017

Joe Hauser

Joe Hauser is a wildlife biologist and environmental consultant with over thirty years of field experience. He is also an avid outdoorsman and has taught primitive survival skills for many years. Joe had his first Bigfoot experience in 1983 while mining for gold in the Sierras in California. Over the next few years Joe had many experiences in the field that didn’t fit into the normal parameters of wildlife biology and came to believe that there was an intelligent yet unidentified bipedal creature roaming the woods.  In April of 2005 Joe had his first Bigfoot sighting while hiking in Glacier National Park with his son Matt.

As a former Curator with the BFRO he had the opportunity to investigate many Bigfoot reports and learned a lot about their behavior.  Joe and his wife Tammy now live near Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana and their property along the Flathead River is frequented by a family of Bigfoot on a seasonal basis. 
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